Hey guys! As you can tell, my name is Cody and I am the admin and founder of BotD. I can't wait to write with everyone. You'll find that I'm a character horder and I have no problem making a character just so I can write with one person. Ups. I shouldn't have said that.I really shouldn't have said that.
alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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 The Rules
 Posted: Oct 18 2016, 01:55 PM
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The Book of Life
Blessings of the Damned (BotD) is rated 18+ and Mature. As such, you must verify that you are 18 or older to role play on this site. By registering on this site, you verify that you are at least 18 and are responsible for what you read / write while here. We are rated 3-3-3 which means there will be graphic violence at any given time in threads. While we don't focus on sex or sexual activities, we are realist and know that it happens, so there will be threads with detailed sexual activities. If you ever have any questions about the site, please pm the admin account or ask in the chatbox.

So this is basic information here. Please create an OOC account first, as this account will be your primary or Parent account. This will make things so much more simple when it comes to plotting and getting in contact with writers. Your OOC account name should be the same name that your use in the Cbox as well as the alias that you put in your applications. Please register your character's account with Proper Capitalization. For Example, John Smith would be the proper way to register.

If you make a mistake with the name you’ve joined with, or want to change it, ask the staff. If you register with a name, but put another in your application, the name will be changed to reflect the Application. Offensive names will be changed outright to something resembling bunnies or kittens.

Rules of the Cbox...
Its a given that not every character will get along with each other, but I like to believe that we, as writers, are above such things. As such, please be respectful to each other in the cbox. It is there for us to talk with each other, do the occasional plot, and to have fun in general. Please do not do anything that would make us have to remove the cbox from our forum. Respect is key around here.

All topics of religion / politics should be avoided in the cbox. We understand that it could be easy for such topics to come up there, but please keep it to a dull roar. We want to be mindful to all members on site.

Do not spam the Cbox. If you have advertising that you want to do, please post it in the correct forum. That is what the advertising forum is for.

The Application...
We are trying to make this as easy as possible. As such, each application has a seven day grace period. If it has not been completed in seven days from the original post, and no one has contacted Staff on a continuance, we will have no choice but to mark it incomplete and archive it. This will keep the site clean, and make sure that we do not collect a bunch of dead characters in the pending files.

For the face claim: faces must be of actors, musicians and models only and represent the appropriate age of your character. Please no crewd or disturbing images. There are several sites that Staff can lead you to if you need help picking out a certain face to claim. Feel free to ask.

Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in character deletion, exactly after the moment that an anvil falls on said character's head.

Most applications, particularly those of new members, will be marked 'Pending' and a PM will be sent regarding changes. This is a normal part of the process.

If you have trouble with the coding, ask us!

In Character Posts...
Blessings of the Damned runs based off of third person, past tense usage. What this means is that all In Character (IC) posts should be done in the past. "Lucifer took over the world while no one was looking." would be the correct format. "I took over the world while no one was looking." Would be the wrong way.

No Godmoding. On sites like this, it is even more important that we remember that we do not directly control other writers characters. Please be respectful and ask the writer before directly effecting or other wise trying to control another person's character.

There isn't a strict word count, but try to keep it above 100 words. We realize that not every post is going to be the best thing to ever be penned down, but try to give your co writers something to go off of with their replies. On the flip side, sometimes too much information can be bad. It would be better to have a post be at 300 words and have great reply foundations instead of a post that had 1500 words, and over 1000 of them just being used to describe an angel's wings. Quality over quantity.

Other General Site Rules...
Respect staff; listen and do what you are told the first time. In addition, if there is a problem/conflict between you and the staff, I promise to conduct myself professionally, talk things out with you in an appropriate private setting, and not discuss my position with others who are not involved. I expect the same from you.

If someone has an issue or questions with the board, including newbies, politely help them as best as you can. If the member behaves inappropriately, warn them; if they persist, send any available staff member a message detailing the name, date, and actions of the offender. Screenshots and documentation are always good backup (though not infallible for obvious reasons).

Any of the following behaviors will have you immediately banned. There are no second chances.

Harassment: Making repeated attacks on another member or staffee. These include attacks on a member's property (i.e. computer, home, etc.), their person (threatening messages, stalking, excessive insulting, et al), or their intellectual properties (coding, sites, games, traditional arts, etc.).

Libel: Publishing false statements damaging to a person's reputation.

Cracking: Maliciously hacking into The Next Incantation site and its properties or its friends in order to steal, destroy, or alter without the owner's consent.

Plagiarism: Misrepresenting another's works as your own in violation of copyright or stealing another's works before copyright can be verified.

Impostering: Posing as or stealing someone else's identity in order to mislead others and destroy reputations.

Spamming/Flooding: Posting useless, inappropriate, or misplaced content; reposting the same information continually. This tends to piss people off, so don't do it.

General Content...
Signatures should be no more than 500x250

Avatars are 250x400, hover images can be any size, but square so they resize correctly.

Photos only. No drawings or anime.

Staff holds the rights to add any such new rules as they become needed.

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