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you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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 Races and Factions
 Posted: Oct 18 2016, 02:21 PM
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The Races
Your every day, run of the mill human beings. Oblivious to what is going on around them, they have no idea that the Devil now controls their world. They don't see the spiritual conflict nor do they see the Supernatural creatures walking among them.

The Angelic faction have served God and gone about doing His will since day One. Well... even before day One... These Celestial Beings live and breath to do the Will of God and never question anything from on High. They are warriors in every sense of the word, so don't think that they just sit around all day on fluffy white clouds playing harps. That's the stuff of myth. True Angels are living among us. The Angels that Michael sent back to Earth are here for one thing, and one thing only. To search out and destroy the Fallen and the Demons as well as the Fallen's Order of Priests. To them, there is no place on this Earth for members of Humanity to possess Angelic powers. That is their domain and theirs alone. All Priests have a Kill on Sight placed on them by order of the Arch Angel Michael.

The Fallen...
The Fallen are a group of Angels who did not take part in the first War in Heaven. When the Arch Angel Michael cast Lucifer and his angels out of Heaven, the Fallen were cast out as well. Though not turned into Demons, the Fallen became flesh and blood. Not entirely human, and yet no longer fully angelic, the Fallen turned toward Humanity in their time of need. Some became gods to the weak minded humans while others chose to lead humanity toward the road of Peace. The Fallen have been among humanity since the beginning, trying to make sure that they never ventured off the path too much, hoping that God would see the Fallen keeping His most prized creations in line and searching for repentance. That day has never come. Most of the Fallen teamed together and created an Order of special humans who possessed great powers. They were called the Order of Priests. The Order specialized in combating the demonic hordes and invaders. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Warlocks are the Priests' main targets. The Fallen keep the Priests safe as well as other Fallen as both Angels and Demons alike are out to kill them all.

Demons, more known as the angels who sided with Lucifer during the War in Heaven, spend their time running around the Earth, tempting and ruining the lives of Man. Thanks to the Pact, several demons spend their every waking hour searching out Immortals and Priests, killing those that they can. Demons live among the normal every day humans as well as angels and Fallen, working and trying to stay hidden from Angels. Now though, Lucifer controls the world. Demons are becoming more bold. It wouldn't be surprising to see Demons in positions of power in big businesses, or even every branch of the government.

Since the beginning of time, there have been people who believed there were certain individuals who were not entirely human. They called these people Demigods. The truth of this isn't that they are half god and half man, it is that they have the blood of the Fallen in their veins. Gifted with the Fallen's apparent immortality, the Nephilim are born with that gift as well as certain other angelic gifts. Some could be telepathic, some could be able to transform matter into something else, while some could even control the elements. No one knows how such gifts pass down from Fallen to Man, but the Fallen have been collecting and protecting them for over two thousand years. Some of the most famous people in history have been Nephilim. You never know who you may be entertaining.

Dark Nephilim...
Within every faction, there are going to be those who never see eye to eye. While some choose to live alone or become Priests, the Dark Nephilim are those who have sided with the Demonic Hordes.

The Order of Priests, founded by Emrys and the rest of the Fallen during the Dark Ages, have stood against the Darkness since their inception. Made up of Nephilim and Immortals who possess varying levels of gifts, the Priests stand up against the dark forces of the demonic hordes. Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, and Vampires name just a few of what the Priests deal with on a day to day basic, not to mention the Immortals and Nephilim who don't side with the Fallen .

Immortals are nothing more then human beings who have been given the gift or cursed with Immortality. Whether they have any other gifts or not is completely dependent on the angel / demon / fallen who gave them their gift. Immortals can be humans who have helped man kind in the past, or they could be humans that demons have found useful over the years and wanted to keep them around. There is no rhyme or reason with celestial beings it seems.

The ancient and feared vampires were originally nothing more then mortal men who were given the gift of immortality by Lilith as well as the ability to shape shift. What they hadn't counted on was the curses that came with it. Insatiable hunger that could only be filled by drinking human blood, transference of the vampire disease through blood, and weakness to sunlight being just the top runners for their curses.

Today, vampires live among Humans, caring neither for Heaven or Hell as the vampire lore states that, to be cursed with Vampirism is to lose one's very soul. They stick together in families or Covens, protecting each other and growing their own royal family lines.

The original Werewolf, King Lycaon, was created by the Fallen Angel Zeus after he was given an offering of the king's slaughtered child. Furious that a human being would do such a thing to his own flesh and blood, Zeus got together with a few other Fallen and cursed the king with the werewolf curse.

The modern werewolf is only naturally vulnerable to silver. They know to stay out of range of celestial beings such as angels, demons, or fallen, as most celestial beings could effortlessly tear them apart. Modern werewolves can shift into wolf form when ever they want, but are forced to painfully shift into a wolf during full moons.

Created by the mixture of the Nephilim Centaurus and mares, Centaurs are extremely powerful creatures. The majority of centaurs are gifted with small abilities in Prophecy, small magics, and increased strength and stamina. They typically stay within traveling tribes, though it is possible for one or two loners to be found stampeding through the forests around the world.

Mermaids were created long before recorded history by the mixing of the Fallen Angel Poseidon and the water spirits that were created by the magical manipulations of Emrys and other Fallen angels on Atlantis. After the fall of Atlantis, Poseidon stayed behind and rebuilt the city, but not before fathering an entire new race. All mermaids have the obvious ability to breath under water, small to large amount of control over the water element, as well as telepathy with other mermaids, aquatic animals, and Poseidon himself.
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